With experience and expertise across the spectrum of creating, managing and maintaining outdoor spaces, Xyst has had a big impact on communities throughout New Zealand, Australia and Canada.

Feel free to browse through the case studies below to find out how we have helped council, local government and other people working in the public sector to find solutions for projects.

South East Queensland Water
Xyst undertook performance assessments of 17 playgrounds within the South East Queensland Water Region.
Toowoomba Regional Council
Xyst undertook a performance assessment of the region’s playgrounds, including recommendations for future improvement or renewal actions for each playground.
Whangarei District Council
Support council in the undertaking of a review of the Whangarei Aquatics Centre (WAC) Asset Management (AM) processes and approach and provide an insight as to whether it meets best practice.
City of Glen Eira
Xyst was engaged to develop a Business Improvement Report for Parks Operations.
Mackenzie District Council
The installation of new public place signage, improving recognition of Council assets and better tourist navigation.
Ashburton District Council
Our work enabled the client to quantify their tree assets for the procurement of tree services and to reduce the risk associated with reactive maintenance and tree hazards.
Mackenzie District Council
A feasibility study, scoping out two reserves and their capacity for sports fields in Twizel.
Mackenzie District Council
Undertake monthly quality audit assessments of parks maintenance, public toilet and halls cleaning contractor service performance.
Waipā District Council
Provide a comprehensive and cohesive long-term vision for Leamington Domain.