Open Space and Street Furniture Guidelines

The Open Space and Street Furniture Guidelines is a suite of three resources:
Practice Notes (this document) – 4 practice notes (people, place,
environment, economy) describe context, principles, considerations
and further reading relevant to open space and street furniture
projects. These act as a general overview in support of the specific
design guidelines. Case studies are provided to illustrate their
Quick Reference Guides – listing the required legislation, policy and
standards relevant to open space and street furniture project, for easy
Design Guidelines – the full list of guidelines for consideration,
presented in a decision making tool, which allows you to sort the
guidelines easily and find the relevant one for your project based on
complexity and context.

Project Benefit

The need for guidance around the design of furniture and amenities in open space and streetscapes was outlined as a recommendation in the Moyne Open Space Strategy. These guidelines act as compendium to the strategy.
Client organisation
Moyne Shire Council (VIC)
Open Space Planning
Open space strategy
Open space master plan
Reserve management plan
Policy development
Signage manuals and wayfinding
Wayfinding and Signs
Service Delivery
Levels of service setting