Ōpōtiki District Freedom Camping Review

Xyst was engaged to review the current state of freedom camping in the Ōpōtiki District and provide options and recommendations for future management of camping in the district. The review considered the supply and demand for camping in the district, current and potential future freedom camping issues and challenges, the economic and social contribution of […]

Pakipaki Pouwhenua

This project brought numerous enhancements to a section of State Highway 2, which passes the Pakipaki community and Te Kura o Pakipaki, all aimed at mitigating traffic speed. We adopted a community-led approach, resulting in landscaping, road margin improvements and the installation of six magnificent pou whenua, accompanied by interpretation signs standing proudly outside Te […]

Expert Witness – Te Tai o Poutini Plan (Lighting)

Xyst reviewed the Lighting policies, objectives and rules of the combined West Coast District Plan and provided evidence to Commissioners and advise to the reporting officer for the section 42a report. This included site assessment and consideration of the effects of light across a wide range of industries and land uses. Input on the draft […]

Margaret Mahy Playground Maintenance Plan

Following the 2011 Christchurch earthquake, the government’s Recovery Plan had a “city-wide family playground” as one of the elements of the East Frame. Xyst were engaged to prepare a comprehensive maintenance plan that captured warranty information and maintenance requirements for all items of play equipment and life cycle replacement timing and costs for surfacing, lighting […]

Waipā District Council Cemetery Concept Plans and Capacity Analysis

We undertook site analysis with key staff, an assessment of the statutory framework, a two-stage public engagement process, mana whenua engagement, community board and council engagement to understand the cemetery network constraints and opportunities and prepare and test concept plans and network priorities. Once completed we analysed the plans to provide council with a good […]

Eastern Porirua Reserves Spatial Plan

Eastern Porirua is going through a period of change as Kāinga Ora Homes and Communities (Kāinga Ora) redevelops large areas of its land to meet housing demand and provide better community services to support growth. As part of this redevelopment the existing reserve network is being examined to determine whether it is fit for purpose […]

Hauraki District Council Reserve Management Plan – Te Rautaki mō ngā Whenua tāpui

Hauraki District Council is responsible for managing a variety of parks and reserves across the Hauraki District covering 433 ha. Xyst developed a single reserve management plan to cover all reserves in the district. The 2022 Reserve Management Plan has been prepared having considered: – the history and development of reserves so far – current […]

Open Spaces Service Delivery Review – Section 17A Local Government Act

The provision and maintenance of the open spaces in Ashburton district is currently delivered by an in-house team, which provides the full range of cemetery, parks and recreation, and public convenience services under the collective umbrella of “open space”. A service delivery review is a process of determining whether the existing means for delivering a […]

Nelson City Sports Lighting Review

Nelson City has over 350 sports lights across the city. Xyst reviewed its 2018 condition assessment and gathered further information on the ownership and operation of sports lights and provided a prioritised programme for replacement and upgrading along with advice on the use of smart controls for ease of use by clubs.

Ashburton Parks Asset Condition Rating and Maintenance Mapping

The Ashburton Open Space maintenance team provides in-house maintenance of the parks and open spaces across the Ashburton District. As the maintenance work has never been outsourced there has not been a pressing need to quantify the amount of assets maintained by the team. Xyst prepared a pilot project which had three phases. Phase 1 […]

Nelson City Council Glyphosate Use Review

Xyst captured and analysed glyphosate use across the various business units of the Council including Science and the Environment, Transport, Forestry, Utilities and Parks. We then compared this usage with results from the 2020 Use Review and conducted further research on glyphosate use and use reduction initiatives across other TAs and provided options for future […]

Wanaka Recreation Centre Sports Lighting

In consultation with club representatives and centre management, Xyst specified the appropriate lighting standard for two football fields at the Wanaka Recreation Centre. Xyst procured the lighting supply, electrical design and installation and project managed the works to completion.

Signs for Parks and Community Facilities

The Council has prepared a Brand Guide (2020) to create uniformity in the visual image of Mackenzie District Council. Xyst undertook an audit of Council signs at parks and found that there were few signs which clearly identify the Mackenzie District Council and those signs that were present were few and far between and of […]

Rakiura – Stewart Island Dark Sky Sanctuary

Following our earlier work investigating the feasibility of dark sky designations for Southland, Xyst was asked to prepare the application for the Rakiura – Stewart Island Dark Sky Sanctuary. Sanctuaries are the most remote (and often darkest) places in the world where conservation state is most fragile. Xyst prepared a GIS data collection project to […]

Whakatāne Holiday Park Business and Investment Plan Review

Xyst undertook analysis based on the information provided by Whakatāne District Council including concept drawings (2018), Whakatāne Holiday Park Business and Investment Plan (APR 2019), Whakatāne Holiday Park Redevelopment Visual Proposals 2021 and Survey Monkey Feedback from guests staying at the Park from October 2021 – April 2022. We also conducted broader research via desktop […]

Milford Opportunities Project

Milford Sound Piopiotahi is one of New Zealand’s most popular visitor attractions and iconic destinations in the world. 870,000 visitors went to Milford Sound Piopiotahi in 2019, with tourism growth forecast to continue, reaching 2 million by 2035. It is located in part of New Zealand’s largest National Park (Fiordland) and holds UNESCO World Heritage […]

Taupō SuperLoo Facility and Service Review Report

Xyst investigated the history, current services, and impact of Covid-19 on usage, revenue and current operational costs. The building life and expected future capital costs were also assessed. Comparative analysis of similar facilities around the country was provided. A prediction of future tourism demand was made along with qualitative analysis provided from user commentary about […]

Lake Rotorua Recreation Gap Analysis

Xyst was commissioned by the Bay of Plenty Regional Council to provide a gap analysis of informal recreation provision in the Rotorua catchment. The analysis included a stocktake of current outdoor recreational facilities within the local area and identified gaps for potential development opportunities that would fit with the creation of a new regional park. […]

Ruapehu District Council Track Asset Review

Undertook a detailed trail assessment of all Ruapehu District Council (RDC) managed trails using Xyst’s trail assessment system and against HB8630:2004. An individual assessment report has been prepared for every trail and this will include a complete assessment of all aspects of trail provision including visitor experience, current and recommended grade, accessibility, CPTED, hazards and […]

Nelson City Council Property and Facilities Activity Management Plan review

Xyst provided an at-a-glance review of the asset management plan as the first stage of Council’s plan rewrite. We prepared a report that lists suggested improvements in a table and will include issues, comments and suggestions for each AMP section. It remained at a high level and did not attempt to address or rewrite any […]

Tauranga City Council Boat Ramps Observational Study

Xyst undertook counts, using an observational count of vehicles across all boat ramps with the addition of a user count of park users at Marine Park. We completed 32 counts at each of the locations. At the Boat Ramp carparking areas, we undertook an observational count of vehicles/boats/boat trailers. The points to be counted were: […]

Community Experience Group Organisational Structure Review

Xyst undertook a review for Whakatāne District Council, looking at areas of the business that have the potential for positive change. Three types of change have been considered: 1. Process – any process changes to better benefit staff and the community. 2. Responsibility – role definition and allocating responsibility where there appears to be a […]

Hastings Library Strategy Consultation

Xyst undertook a multi-method consultation approach to reach all demographics of the Hastings community (including hard to reach demographics such as non-library users, the vulnerable, the rural community and youth). Opportunities were provided online, offline and face-to-face to provide equal opportunity. Consultation was undertaken over a 2-month period with 1,500 different voices heard.

Kiwirail land use options

The project considered opportunities for use of land that Council leases from KiwiRail. Xyst undertook desktop research and stakeholder consultation to inform potential future opportunities. The project also undertook a review of a playground in close proximity to land within scope.

Memorial Headstone Safety Audit

The intent of the audit by Xyst was to inspect memorial headstones for stability/soundness and identify any headstones that may present a risk to cemetery visitors and staff. To provide some context, in July 2000 a six-year-old child died as a result of a collapsed headstone in a UK cemetery. UK Councils responded by increasing […]

Asset Condition and Data Assessment of Parks Assets

Xyst collected asset information on the parks portfolio of assets. The portfolio is spread over 75 parks, reserves and cemeteries across the South Waikato district in Tokoroa, Putararu, Tirau, Arapuni and other rural locations.

Woodlands Estate Reserve Management Plan

Xyst provided lead consultation on review of reserve management plan process for Woodlands Estate – an historic homestead and garden complex near Gordonton. As part of this process, we developed concept plans for the future enhancement of the gardens and grounds, to enable better public access circulation and use of the gardens.

The Point & Kiingitanga – Reserve Management Plan

Waikato District Council engaged Xyst to undertake a review of the 20-year-old RMP, with the new plan focusing on significant cultural values of the area. Reserve management plan hearing panel included iwi representation who supported greater inclusiveness of local mana whenua in planning for future development and use of this land area.

Bothamley Park Trunk Sewer Upgrade Reserves Act Approvals

Kāinga Ora’s Eastern Porirua Regeneration Project required a major upgrade to the trunk sewer through Bothamley Park. The park is comprised of multiple parcels, is designated as a Landscape Protection Area and Significant Natural Area, and has Kenepuru Stream flowing through it to Te Awarua-o-Porirua (Porirua Harbour). Xyst provided advice on the Reserves Act 1977 […]

Kapiti Open Space Strategy

Working closely with Kapiti Coast District Council and in partnership with iwi, Xyst developed a Strategy to safeguard and guide the provision of open space for the next 30 years, to ensure the right open space is provided in the right place for future generations to enjoy and cherish. The Strategy was developed using a […]

Napier Public Toilet Strategy

Public toilets are important community facilities for residents and visitors to maintain a safe, healthy, clean and tidy city. This Strategy considers facility provision, distribution, condition, usage, design elements, levels of service, operations and maintenance, future growth and future costs. Xyst provided robust data, information and evidence to inform an implementation plan to be used […]

Mangakino Reserve and Lakefront Development Plan

This popular area experiences significant pressure from different user groups. Users include casual recreational users who utilise the reserve for more passive recreational activities for whanau and friends picnicking and barbecuing together, campervan and other domestic visitors in vehicles, cyclists and e-cyclists on the Waikato River trail, swimmers and families with children using the existing […]

South Waikato Street Tree Data Collection

Identified each street by botanical name and common name and recored the trees stage of life, condition, issues such as located under power wires and what if any deferred maintenance was required. Each tree was photographed and plotted in to GIS Cloud ready for transfer to the clients GIS system.

Mackenzie District Peace Avenue Trees

Xyst undertook a survey of 500 historic trees planted at the turn of the century in and around Fairlie and Kimbell towns. The trees had received little care for many years and some recent failures had alerted Council to issues ahead if no maintenance or inspections were completed. The trees were all inspected, condition and […]

Taurapa Sculpture Lighting

Xyst worked with the Taurapa artist, Maia Hegglun to retrospectively install lighting to illuminate Maia’s work. We produced rendering’s and concept drawings, obtained consents along with project management of electrical and civil works to install programable RGB-W Projectors allowing any colour combination to be projected onto the Taurapa throughout the year.

Waikato Dog Pound Feasibility Study

The Xyst study determined the best option for the Waikato District Council to achieve the welfare, safety and security objectives in the most cost-effective way for the ratepayers of the district from a whole-of-life perspective. This study considered demand levels, evaluated the current provision and compared this with expected good-practice facility provision, explored possible options […]

Coutts Island Concept Plan

Xyst undertook local community and key stakeholder engagement to identify needs and desires for the development of Coutts Island.

Playground Maintenance Plan

Xyst developed a playground maintenance plan for all of Napier City Council’s playgrounds based on each playgrounds level of service. Maintenance plans also took into consideration warranties and supplier contact details. I-Auditor templates were developed to eliminate paper and allow maintenance checks to be undertaken via a mobile phone. All information is stored in one […]

Omokoroa to Tauranga Cycle Trail survey 2020

The Xyst survey team collected a total of 200 intercept and online surveys over a period of a week that gave our client (Western Bay District Council) a much better idea of how the trail was being used, and the issues associated with its use. The survey was followed up with a summary report of […]

Southland District Council Tree Inventory and Maintenance Plan

A team of two travelled the district during 2020 and 2021 using a mobile app to GPS the locations of street and park trees, complete a condition assessment and identify maintenance work required. Hazards were notified immediately to the client where urgent action was required to mitigate risk. A total of 5,555 data points were […]

Bay Oval International Cricket Stadium Lighting

Xyst was engaged research lighting requirements for televised international cricket and procure lighting for this $4.5 million project. We produced a cost benefit analysis of the options of LED and conventional HID sources. A specification was prepared by Xyst and a full procurement exercise undertaken which resulted in a LED source being selected which was […]

Picton Foreshore Lighting Upgrade

We undertook an assessment of existing lighting and CPTED factors prior to producing a concept design supported by 3D renders. The concept design was then developed and procured. The new lighting needed to consider the significance of the reserve including the need to safe access to and from the ferry terminal and town centre, the […]

Queenstown Lakes Responsible Camping Strategy

We prepared a research based approach to camping (not just freedom camping) and through a series of interactive community workshops delivered a practical strategy based on sound principles. The strategy identified four pillars which shaped both short term and medium term action plans. This strategy was been prepared with the public agencies involved in camping […]

Gore District – Executive Placement Parks and Facilities Manager

Xyst provided the expertise of a mature and experienced manager to cover the role for a period of 9 months. The role was both operational and managing the in-house service delivery staff covering cemeteries, parks, trails, trees, public toilets, playgrounds and minor capital projects.

Mackenzie District Council Senior Manager executive placement

Xyst provided an experienced and knowledgable parks and facilities manager who was able to pick up the vacant position and relocate to the district for a period of about 4 months. The role involved quickly addressing the issues of changing the operation of seasonal pools, managing the parks and open spaces contractor, attending Community Board […]

Mackenzie District Parks and Facilities Management

Brian Milne

Following a risk and performance review of the District’s parks and community facilities operations, Xyst was requested to step in at short notice to cover a staff management vacancy. This lead to a long-term engagement to provide complete management service for the delivery of the District’s public facilities, parks and places. In addition to typical […]

Options for Management of Camping in Central Otago

The Options Paper considered the current state analysis, additional data available from throughout New Zealand and the outputs from a multi-agency workshop to provide the a basis for the development of the Central Otago Responsible Camping Strategy and provide a high-level understanding of the financial implications of actions.

Nelson Camping Hub

The Council resolved to provide a central service hub for campers visiting Nelson. Xyst identified potential sites and negotiated a lease for a disused petrol station in downtown Nelson. We quickly arranged all the necessary facilities to provide toilets, hot showers, wifi and visitor information. This included engaging contractors to staff and clean the facility.

Nelson Responsible Camping Research

Xyst designed a survey and undertook face-to face interviews with 193 campers located at the Camping Hub or free camping sites using preset questions developed by Xyst and NCC. Questions focused on the following six areas: 1. Demographics, origin and destination 2. Vehicle type and use of self-contained facilities 3. Use of accommodation other than […]

Mackenzie Basin visitor facilities

Xyst analysed visitor demand and the planned response of each agency involved in facility provision in the Mackenzie Basin. We identified capital and renewal spending plans across the basin and identified priority sites.

Parks, Gardens, Cemeteries and Community Facilities Operations and Maintenance Contract

We undertook a comprehensive procurement process for the development of a new maintenance contract covering the entire district. This included specification writing, GIS asset and contract mapping. contract writing, procurement plan, ROI and RFP preparation and evaluation. Xyst has also assisted with contractor handover and contract management in the first year of the contract.

Wairarapa Five Towns Trail Network Masterplan

In 2017 the Wellington Regional Trails Framework was endorsed by the partners who initiated it and contained in the framework is a key recommendation to develop the ‘Wairarapa Five Towns Trail Network’ as a signature trail experience. We worked with TRC Tourism develop a masterplan including cost estimates that would enable each Council to progress […]

Invercargill Cemetery Operations Review

Xyst was engaged in 2017 to undertake a review of cemetery operations at ICC and identified the existing processes used between staff and funeral directors were time consuming, expensive and had high risk of human error. There was no plans to update the Council’s corporate IT solution for cemetery bookings so Xyst identified a low […]

Gore District Cemetery Management Review

We reviewed the Council’s current bylaw, policy, standard operating procedures, forms, website and processes and practices. We have examined the Council’s current cemetery management module provided in Civica Authority and undertook a physical audit of records as they relate to interments in Charlton, Mataura, Gore and Pukerau cemeteries. We interviewed staff and funeral directors and […]

Standard Operating Procedure for Cemetery Interments

Xyst worked with the sextant to document current procedures and identify any areas of improvement. Industry best practice was reviewed to consider how current procedures stand with regard to health and safety, and risk minimisation.

East Cape Campground

Xyst prepared a concept plan to assist the Iwi Trust to develop the campground in a sustainable way, retaining the unique character of the site and managing use to protect urupa and other cultural sites of significance.

Rakaia Gorge Campground Toilet Renewal and Star Deck TIF Application

Xyst completed the full application documentation, including justifying the need for additional infrastructure, developing the infrastructure proposal, demonstrating how the project will support the local community, other tourism benefits and funding of the plan. This included development of the site plan concept and visualisations, component estimates, project milestones and tasks.

Anderson Park Stage 2 Development Options Analysis

Xyst provided analysis on the feasibility and cost of the proposed project components including conversion of the former toilet block into a cafe, recirculation and treatment of the water play area, fencing of the primary play area and addition of new play facilities.

Riverside Dog Exercise Park Development

Xyst managed the concept and assisted in detailed design, procured products (dog agility equipment, wheelchair access, dog drinking fountains, picnic table, bag dispenser) and construction (pathway and fencing) suppliers, and managed the project delivery from September – December 2022.

Glacier Country Cycle Trail Feasibility Study

Xyst worked alongside Tourism Resource Consultants to deliver a feasibility report outlining a proposed cycle and walking trail between Okarito and Fox Glacier that would benefit the community economically without significant detrimental environmental effects. Workshops were held throughout and contact was made with key players to consider a possible route, potential constraints, develop costings and […]

Mackenzie District Asset Condition Assessment

We utilised our mobile GIS data collection tools to complete a full and current condition assessment of all the assets within the Mackenzie District. Assets were reviewed and reported on for inclusion in the asset management plan.

Trail Signage at Whataupoko Park

Xyst developed a wayfinding signage plan in consultation with the Gisborne MTB Club. This project included: • consultation with immediate neighbours • development of a trail signage design package • development of a signage implementation plan including locations, quantities and installation specifications • project management implementation of signage installation, including sign ordering, procurement and contractor […]

Taupo District Cemetery Plan

The plan documented the management and capacity of each cemetery in the district, set levels of service for each cemetery and forecasted demand and capacity. Cemetery fees and charges were benchmarked across New Zealand using Yardstick

Pakowhai Pou and signage project

Xyst worked with Waka Kotahi and mana whenua to install three pou whenua near the Links Road/State Highway 2 roundabout in Hawkes Bay. Xyst consultants assisted as community liaisons and in a project planning capacity from concept through to installation. On Wednesday 12 October 2022, three pou whenua were unveiled and significant stories were shared […]

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Bid

Xyst was engaged to assist Napier City Council with the development of a bid for the Women’s FIFA World Cup 2023. The bid was for McLean Park to be utilised as a training venue to the World Cup. The bid was successful and will host an international team mid 2023.

Spencer Beach Holiday Park Management Transition

The holiday park had been leased from Christchurch City Council for many years and there was a lack of clarity around asset ownership and value of the assets to be transferred. Xyst prepared background documentation for Council reporting and completed a verification and schedule of thoe assets owned by the tenant and those owned by […]

Roto Kohatu Recreation Reserve Management Plan

Christchurch City Council engaged Xyst to assist on the Roto Kohatu Recreation Reserve Management Plan. Preliminary work on the preparation of a reserve management plan for this reserve identified that some parcels are not suitably classified for current and proposed management. Xyst prepared the reclassification and then prepared a reserve management plan including managing public […]

Matamata Piako Open Space Consultation

Xyst developed a Consultation Plan for the Parks and Open Spaces Strategy. At a high level the consultation was split into two phases. Phase one focused on broad information gathering which informed the Draft Strategy and was undertaken by MPDC. The second phase was undertaken by Xyst and consulted on the Draft Strategy. Consultation methods […]

Dunedin City Aquatic Facilities and Services Review

Dunedin City Council engaged Xyst to undertake a review of the pool network across the city and the services provided across the network. While the Council plays a significant role in the provision of pool space for the population, school and community pools make a significant contribution in providing equitable access to pool space citywide […]

Event Resource Consent

Xyst prepared a resource consent application for Gisborne District Council, including AEE for the events cross referenced against the requirements of Te Papa Tipu Taunaki o Te Tairāwhiti – The Tairāwhiti Resource Management Plan. This required consultation with various staff involved in the management of events to determine the scale and nature of what would […]

Community Facilities and Open Spaces Levels of Service Development

For Southland District Council, levels of service were prepared by Xyst for a range of assets within six activity areas: 1. Parks and Reserves (Open Spaces) 2. Cemeteries 3. Public Toilets 4. Community Centres 5. Community Housing 6. Water Structures (wharves and jetties) Benefits of a robust level of service approach include: • Consistency of […]

Manapouri Foreshore Vegetation Management Plan

Southland District Council (SDC) was undertaking a review of the Manapouri Foreshore Reserve Management Plan (2003) which provided for height management of vegetation on the reserve. Although some work on vegetation had been carried out, there had been little ongoing height management particularly in the areas identified as “retained/managed bush”. An itemised programme of works […]

Contract Perfomance Auditing

Nelson City Council engaged Xyst to carry out contract performance auditing. Xyst has developed an inspection template using a mobile app that allows performance against a set of performance measures from contract specifications to be scored from 1 to 5 and to produce an overall percentage score for each location. Activities audited include grass maintenance, […]

Waikato Tree Inventory data collection

Using a mobile data collection tool (GIS Cloud) Xyst collected data about the identity, age, condition, location and maintenance requirements of every Council tree in the Waikato District. Data (including images) is collected in the field and uploaded to a cloud-based database from where it can be exported in various formats for import directly into […]

Napier City Water Conservation Plan

A Water Conservation Plan specifically related to Napier City Council’s key sports grounds, amenity gardens and water features. This was among one of the first industry initiatives in the country with a real focus on water conservation. The purpose of this Water Conservation Plan was to understand and improve the wide use of water across […]

Project Blessings

Xyst has been engaged by Waka Kotahi numerous times to assist with the organisation of blessings. These events have been both prior to works beginning and at completion of projects. Xyst works with mana whenua who whakapapa to the area to ensure tikanga practices are followed and the blessing reflects the aspirations of mana whenua.

Open Space Maintenance Specifications

In 2016 Xyst Ltd established a working group of parks industry colleagues representing both the client and contractor interests, to explore the need for an industry standard approach to the documentation of service delivery specifications. Based on the endorsement of this group, Xyst then approached New Zealand Recreation Association (now Recreation Aotearoa – RA) to […]

Waitaki Public Toilet Performance Assessment

To undertake this work for Waitaki District Council, Xyst used its public toilet performance assessment tool to provide an individual assessment and report for each public toilet complete with photos and an overall performance score. Each toilet was assessed for: • Facility description (materials, gender configuration, location) • Condition (floors, walls, ceiling, fixtures, roof – […]

Waitaki Emergency Response and Contingency Plan

Waitaki District Council contracted Xyst to develop an Emergency Response and Contingency Plan for its parks and open spaces activity. The plan provided a generic risk assessment and response for all parks and identified specific risks and prepared appropriate responses where these could be identified at individual parks. The plan included actions around trees where […]

Minor review of Tapuaeharuru Bay Lakeshore Reserves Management Plan

In 2020 Taupo District Council received a proposal from Taupō Moana Group Holdings Limited (TGMHL) to develop the Hole in One site it occupies on the Taupō lakefront. The application involved further development than what was allowed for under its current operating licence or the operative management plan. Xyst was able to provide advice to […]

Whangarei Open Space review

The open space review included an inventory of all existing Open Space land within the Whangarei District and categorisation of the Open Space land using the New Zealand Recreation Association (NZRA) category framework and an analysis of provision undertaken at the district and community (ward) level. In addition to categorisation of reserve land, the WDC […]

Street Gardens and Street Furniture Levels of Service

Matamata-Piako District Council engaged Xyst to define level of service statements and guidelines at a high level for provision and development of street gardens and street furniture, and more detailed LoS for maintenance. The priority for this project was the public street or road adjacent to the business zones of the Matamata-Piako District, and entrance […]

Section 17a Open Space Maintenance Service Review

Xyst worked with the Parks and Reserves team at South Waikato District Council to compare and analyse options including outsourcing delivery, in-house delivery, shared service arrangements and via a CCO/CCTO.

Play Strategy Review

Xyst worked with the client to transition them from a traditional Playground Strategy to a Play Strategy. The Strategy analysed the current state of Napier’s playgrounds, introduced play beyond playgrounds, youth facilities and touched on outdoor exercise equipment and splash pads. Five key outcomes underpin this Strategy.

Morrinsville Recreation Ground

Morrinsville Recreation Ground was described as the jewel with a wide range of users and user groups. The key stakeholders (41) were those who utilised the Morrinsville Recreation Grounds for a particular event or activity, those who have a vested community interest in the space, and Council staff who have involvement at the ground. Consultation […]

Howie Park Concept Plan

Xyst undertook consultation with key stakeholders and the community to understand how the park was used and to identify key issues and opportunities to enhance the park. Consultation included intercept surveys, phone interviews and drop-in sessions. A consultation report was developed, followed by three concept plan options for Council.

Pakipaki Church Conservation Feasibility Study

Xyst undertook a feasibility study to determine whether the building could be restored and then for the sustainability of the restored building to remain in sound condition for those activities to be held within and associated to the original Church.

Riverside Park – Consideration of park asset re-establishment

Xyst developed a report taking into consideration the affected park assets, CPTED, implications on the flow of the surrounding park and recommendation for relocation of affected park assets. A range of stakeholders were contacted to inform the report.

Otaraua Multi-Purpose Circuit Needs and Feasibility Assessment

Xyst undertook a Needs and Feasibility study on a proposed multi-purpose circuit, unique to New Zealand due to design specifications meeting the international speed skating requirements whilst also meeting cycling, walking and running event requirements. Assessing the need, Xyst considered the population in the catchment and the growth predictions, the number of potential users given […]

Wellington City Council – Open Space Quality Assessments

As part of the development of a new open space investment strategy for Wellington City, Xyst visited 131 parks and assessed each using our quality assessment tool over a range of factors including community integration, inclusiveness, diversity, regeneration, maintenance and opportunity. An individual scored report was prepared for each site as well as a comprehensive […]

Ashburton District Council – Recreation Facilities Utilisation Study

The Xyst team undertook an assessment of the sport and recreation facilities across the Ashburton District, providing key provisions including a gap analysis and trend overview for 17 different sport and recreation activities. To support the analysis, we met with different sport and recreation clubs across the district to understand utilisation of their current facilities, […]