Lake Alexandrina and Lake McGregor Camp – Revegetation Plan

The Mackenzie District Council engaged Xyst’s consultants to collaborate with Ngāi Tahu, the Department of Conservation (DoC), and the Lakes Alexandrina & McGregor Campground Association to develop a comprehensive revegetation plan to revitalise the Lake Alexandrina outlet creek.

The team navigated challenges including the region’s harsh temperatures, the necessity for irrigation, and species with low flammability and minimal wilding spread risk. To meet these challenges, our team conducted extensive research to identify species suitable for revegetation that not only adapted to the site’s unique conditions but also enhanced the area’s aesthetics and provided shade for visitors. Plant species were also adjusted to accommodate the range in soil conditions and ground moisture content across the site.

Once the plan was complete, the team produced pricing estimates to aid with budgeting.

Project Benefit

Xyst assisted in the development of an extensive revegetation planting plan for the campsite at Lake Alexandrina and McGregor.
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